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   Jasen Mesić
   Born in Zagreb in 1972 


  • Graduated in History and Archaeology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, 1996
  • Graduated from the Academia per metodologia e tecnica di archeologia subaquea, Italy, 1999
  • Graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, 2002
  • Completed postgraduate studies in Italy, Sienna, Florence, attaining his master's degree in 2004
  • Pursuing postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb
Professional career
  • From August 2009 to the end of 2010 held the post of Director of the Directorate for Archival Activities and Archaeological Heritage in the Ministry of Culture
  • From January 2008 to June 2009 held the office of State Secretary
  • From July 2005 to January 2008 held the post of Assistant Minister of Culture
  • In June 2005 conducted research on the Battle of Vis Project, when the Re d’Italia was discovered
  • From the beginning of 2005 held the post of Head of the Archaeology Department of the Croatian Restoration Institute
  • From 2004 adviser at the Croatian Restoration Institute, Department for Underwater Archaeology
  • ICUCH representative with decision-making rights
  • Head of the Croatian delegation at the ‘New Europe’ ICOMOS Conference, Dublin, 2004
  • Lead researcher on the TRIMIX underwater projects (Vis, 2003 and Ships from Pag, 2004), the deepest underwater research activities conducted in the Republic of Croatia to date
  • Head of the negotiating team with Comex and CNR, Marseille, 2003
  • Delegate of the Republic of Croatia at the Symposium on Underwater Cultural Heritage, Syracuse, Italy, 2003
  • Representative of ICOMOS Croatia at the General Assembly, Madrid, 2002
  • Head of the delegation of the Republic of Croatia at sessions of government experts  during the drafting of UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, UNESCO, Paris, 2001–2003
  • Supervisor on a number of international TRIMIX projects (Szent Istvan, 2001–2003)
  • Head of a number of projects on the protection of underwater sites (e.g. Rogoznica 1998 and 2000, Cave Water War 1999, Cavtat 2002, Vis 2003)
  • Delegate of ICOMOS Croatia at the IX ISBA Meeting, Venice, 2000
  • Participant at the Plymouth Millennium Shipwreck Conference, 2000
  • From 1998 special adviser for the protection of medieval and recent shipwrecks
  • From 1996 employed in the Ministry of Culture, Department for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage
  • From 1992 (as a student) permanent member of the underwater archaeological research team of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
  • Participant in a number of international research projects in the Adriatic (Brijuni Islands, St. Istvan Wreck, Pag Island, the Apoxiomenos Statue Wreck Project)
  • Author of 5 scientific papers
  • Author of 2 scientific panels (Venice 2000, Plymouth 2001)
  • Two papers in preparation (for the magazines Archeologia delle Aque and Meridiani)
  • Participated as speaker in a number of expert meetings 1995–2004 (Police Academy, INTERPOL – on topics concerning protection of underwater cultural heritage, ICOMOS Conferences)
  • Member of the Government team for combating shipwreck pollution
  • Co-author of the book “Secrets of the Adriatic”, 2002/2003
  • Co-author of the documentary film “The Plane that Landed on the Sea Bed”
  • Contributor to a number of magazines (National Geographic, Meridiani, Vjesnik)
Foreign languages
  • Fluent in English and Italian
  • Passive knowledge of Spanish
Diving, rowing
 A Backpack (full of) culture
 Croatian Audiovisual Centre
 Croatian Conservation Institute
 European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 
 International Centre for Underwater
     Archaeology in Zadar